Creating order from disorder through command – Ken Brown – EMP 10

Ken Brown (AFSM) is currently the Acting Deputy Chief Officer and Acting Executive Director Operational Preparedness with the Metropolitan Fire & Emergency Services Board (MFB) located in Victoria, Australia.

His Command and Control experience is extensive and he is well known for creating mentoring opportunities for his personnel.

Ken joined the MFB in 1983. During his 35 years of service, 29 years have been spent in the officer ranks which also includes 6 years at an executive level as an Assistant Chief Fire Officer (ACFO) and acting Deputy Chief Officer (ADCO).

Ken’s substantive position is ACFO of the MFB’s Technical Operations Department. Ken is married (wife Rhonda) and has 6 children and 13 grandchildren…so far).

ADCO Ken Browns Awards and Commendations

  • Australian Fire Service Medal
  • National Emergency Medal
  • National Medal
  • MFB Long and Good Service Medal  
  • Chief Officer Commendation – Middle Park Fire
  • Chief Officer Commendation – Hall Street Yarraville Fire

SKM Coolaroo Recycling Plant Fire

The fire at the SKM Coolaroo Recycling Plant (the Coolaroo fire) occurred on 13 July 2017 and burned for 11 days. As a result, the smoke plumes from the fire were observed across Melbourne for several days.

There were numerous challenges and nearby residents and business were urged to evacuate due to concerns about the impact of air quality on human health. The Inspector General for Emergency Management completed a post-incident analysis the fire titled: Review of SKM Coolaroo Recycling Plant Fire.

SKM Coolaroo Recycling Plant Fire Press Conference 14 July


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